Why Healthcare Content Marketing Is in Need of a Checkup

October 16, 2015 Jonathan Crowl

Why Healthcare Content Marketing Is in Need of a Checkup

Far from embracing the value of digital marketing, healthcare organizations prefer to tuck it away in a corner where it can’t bother anyone—and that’s creating problems for the industry.

A new report from Econsultancy paints a grim picture of the state of healthcare content marketing, depicting an industry that has dug in its heels against this progressive marketing strategy while other industries are jumping in. Overall, healthcare marketers were 57 percent more likely than other industry marketers to say that digital processes are an entirely separate function from other company operations.

Forty-three percent of marketers, meanwhile, said their current setup isn’t designed for digital marketing to be effective.

As stated in the report, “Middle managers are much more likely than other sectors to say, ‘We’re threatened by disruption,’ but they’ll need to become more integrated to lessen the threat of this disruption.”

But healthcare content marketing has plenty to offer the current industry—especially with wide-sweeping legislation like the Affordable Care Act, as well as the booming biotechnology sector. To achieve their goals, marketers must sell their organizations on that value.

SurgeonFacing Industry Fears

According to the Econsultancy report, healthcare content marketing is being held back by organizational fears regarding the potential drawbacks of digital marketing.

For one, healthcare organizations have been reluctant to invest in ways to gather patient data that is able to support content strategy. Without data, digital campaigns are flying blind, and the effectiveness of content suffers. Meanwhile, patient behavior is changing, and organizations know less and less about those behaviors, patient preferences, and other aspects of their target audience.

Of course, healthcare organizations have a right to be concerned about how data is gathered—there are additional measures that must be taken to protect patient privacy. But other organizations have managed to find workable solutions, so this isn’t an obstacle that can’t be overcome. With better data, content marketing can thrive, and other insights can inform various marketing strategies as well as larger operational tasks.

The report also cites a concern that increased integration of digital marketing efforts will create more disruption in the workplace. But the report argues that better integration will actually decrease disruptions, since measures will be in place to dictate those interactions. Instead of creating unexpected disruptions, effective integration will build a more seamless marketing effort.

2015 Healthcare Marketing IMPACT Awards - Targetbase FinalistFollowing a Blueprint for Success

One healthcare company providing a great example of effective content marketing is Targetbase, which built a content strategy targeting patients with lupus. The campaign focused on reaching patients effectively and creatively, providing patients with something of genuine value while furthering the goals and branding of Targetbase.

Targetbase was nominated as a finalist for the 2015 Healthcare Marketing IMPACT Award for its socially responsible content campaign, which aimed to bring better healthcare services to patients in need. The healthcare company’s brand was uplifted and consumers were offered a valuable service as the organization supported content marketing as an effective brand tool.

That’s exactly the kinds of opportunities waiting for healthcare companies, but too many companies are afraid of possible complications.

Change may be scary, but there are plenty of examples of healthcare companies building a successful content strategy. If your organization is lagging behind, it’s time to catch up with the pack.

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