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S K Y W O R D P E R S O N A L I Z E D R E C O M M E N D A T I O N S Get Personal. Stay Engaged. It used to be enough to create content based on a persona or representation of your ideal customer. Not anymore. Today's consumers expect stories that address their specific needs and preferences. Otherwise, they'll bounce from your site or ignore your emails. But it hasn't been easy to personalize individuals' experiences at scale and in real time. Until now. Skyword Personalized Recommendations (SPR) is an artificial intelligence-based engine that delivers personalized on-site and email content recommendations that generate increased engagement and conversions. Unlike other personalization solutions, Skyword is a single source for content creation, distribution, and personalization – making it easy to deliver and measure the efficacy of relevant, personalized content experiences. "We're excited about the ability to create personal experiences for our visitors to The Benefits Guide. Most people land on our site because they are searching online for a specific answer about health care plans and benefits. We implemented Skyword Personalized Recommendations to help guide these visitors to other relevant articles and content that will make their jobs easier and their employees' lives better. This personal interaction helps us turn a one-time visitor into a loyal fan of Anthem." ANDREW REINBOLD, CONTENT MARKETING DIRECTOR, ANTHEM

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