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Deploy Content Marketing Programs Worldwide with Skyword Global Today's brands understand the need for original brand storytelling to connect with their audiences on a global scale. However, up until this point, the challenge for marketing leaders has been deploying a global content marketing strategy locally without compromising brand messaging or control. Several moving parts are often times overlooked in a brand's rush to go global, and many find themselves inadvertently projecting a US centric message. Consider managing writers across multiple time zones and compensating them in their native currencies. It's not as simple as translating one piece of content into a dozen languages – it's about shaping individual stories for each market, paying attention to the nuances in dialect, and employing creatives who actually inhabit the spaces brands are trying to reach. Skyword Global gives companies the ability to seamlessly share their stories throughout the world. The solution includes the internationalization of the Skyword Platform; in-country writers, videographers, photographers and editors; and program managers with experience executing global content marketing strategies. "Our challenge at MasterCard is to connect on an emotional level with people's passions throughout the world. The combination of native storytellers and enterprise-level technology allows us to execute our content marketing strategy efficiently." GUILLERMO MORRONE, VICE PRESIDENT AND HEAD OF GLOBAL CONSUMER CONTENT STRATEGY AND PRICELESS CITIES AT MASTERCARD S K Y W O R D G L O B A L

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