Top Hacks to Becoming a World-Class Brand Storyteller

Storytelling is essential to our experience as human beings, as today’s brand storytelling experts know well. In fact, storytelling is so deeply interwoven into our daily lives that we hardly notice it at times. But it’s embedded in the world around us, from the bestselling novel we slip into our bags before going on summer vacation to the adventurous travel tales we regale our friends and loved ones with after we get back.


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  • The rise of the chief storyteller
  • How B2B brands can make the most of storytelling
  • Four tips on telling data-backed narratives
  • Examples of the best storytelling brands
  • Why organizational storytelling should be part of your culture

Today’s marketers and content creators are sharing stories to try and meet this deep human need and make an emotional impact with their audiences, which in turn forges the powerful bonds of trust that lead to enduring customer loyalty. In doing so, they learn the twin rewards that storytelling offers: first to its audience and then, in kind, to the storyteller.

On #WorldStorytellingDay, and every other day, marketers should be paying close attention to different roles within marketing, various types of storytelling, and key influencers who are getting it right.


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