What Content Technology Is Poised for the Biggest Leap in Value?

October 14, 2015 Jonathan Crowl

What Content Technology Is Poised for the Biggest Leap in Value?

Content technology is still the most important marketing technology, according to US B2B marketers, but other marketing technologies are not far behind, according to a recent survey from eMarketer.

The digital marketing landscape continues to evolve, and new content technologies are starting to take on a larger role in daily operations. While 85 percent of marketers see content as important for today’s practices, emerging technologies are positioned to make a big jump in the near future.

Horizon lineAnd according to the survey, no technology is going to see a bigger leap in its value than predictive analytics. While only 16 percent of marketers rate this technology as important right now, the figure is projected to jump to 37 percent within the next 12 to 18 months.

Predictive analytics is built upon data insights gathered by marketers, and it uses this data to forecast consumer behaviors and direct content marketing strategy accordingly. Marketers can use predictive analytics to capitalize on upcoming opportunities and consumer behaviors, instead of simply looking in the rear-view mirror for guidance. It’s a forward-focused technology that requires significant data equity to build, but as companies build up their data stores and their data acquisition channels, the barriers to predictive technology have begun to disappear.

Other Emerging Technologies

Predictive analytics may be leading the way in terms of its forecast importance, and the rise of these new tools will—to some degree—trim the value of other, more established technologies. That’s just the nature of a more diverse marketing ecosystem. Content technology, for example, will remain an important component of marketing, but it will be paired with other technologies and strategies and work alongside them.

In addition to predictive technology, eMarketer has forecast an increased importance for big data, lead lifecycle, and programmatic technologies. Programmatic is well-known as a value automation tool that makes ad buys more efficient and less time-consuming, while lead lifecycle technologies help facilitate a synergy between sales and marketing—an ideal that many organizations struggle to fulfill, as stated by marketing expert Josh Ames.

Improving software and a more healthy supply of data are helping to drive these technologies, and their value to marketers is operational: Each of them address large and continual challenges for marketers, and they help build a more efficient approach while taking some of the more tedious work out of marketers’ hands.

The automation offered by these technologies will allow humans to put their skills where they are most beneficial.

Retaining the Human Element

As people automate more processes, it might seem from the outside that certain practices in today’s content marketing operations should be truncated or cast to the side. Some marketers might use this increasing automation to advocate for less inter-team communication, but a new report from Content Marketing Institute begs to differ:

Forty-eight percent of B2C marketers meet with their teams either daily or weekly to discuss their content marketing program; 28 percent of those marketers say the meetings are “extremely” valuable and 31 percent say they are “very” valuable.

As new technologies find a presence in the modern-day marketing office, professionals will have to figure out how these solutions can simplify or replace outdated tasks while co-existing alongside other activities and technologies.

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