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September 4, 2014
The Intersection of Content Marketing and Influencer Marketing What happens when powerful stories are told by talented storytellers? People listen. We call this Con-fluence - the exciting, new intersection of content marketing and influencer strategy. Learn how some of the savviest brands are working with influential storytellers to become what people love, instead of interrupting what they love on the web. Gain valuable insight on how to: Identify subject matter experts in your industry Make connections with those who have sway among your customer base Streamline content creation with market influencers Improve the reach and resonance of your content. Doug Sikes, Traackr's vice president of sales, and Andrew Wheeler, Skyword's vice president of strategic services, will show you how to marry your content marketing with influencer strategy to help you become a stronger storyteller.
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Skyword - How We Do It - Full Trailer
Skyword - How We Do It - Full Trailer

The story of a marketer with the desire to become what people love. You’re not just a marketer – you’re a ...

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